A’ Level Classes

Alhamdulillah, SCIL A Level Programme has been successfully running since September 2014 in the Girls Branch and A Level classes for Boys have also been initiated this year. SCIL A Level Programme is in direct response to the apprehensions of those factions of society who consider it both morally and physically unsafe to send their children into an environment devoid of Islamic values and traditions. We at SCIL offer an ethos especially structured for those young students who wish to continue their education in an academically challenging and spiritually progressive atmosphere .Along with the options for contemporary subjects we also introduce our students to selected courses in the Quran, Ahadith and Seerah.

Opportunities for community service are offered to nurture public spiritedness and empathy for the less privileged segment of the community. All this is carried out in a friendly and open environment which encourages debate, discussion and tolerance for diversity.

Subjects Offered at Girls Branch:

Group A (Pure Sciences)

• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Mathematics

Group B (Social Sciences)

• Sociology
• Psychology
• Islamic Studies
• Mathematics

*The students must take at least three subjects from either Group A or Group B

Quran Classes: In addition to the ‘A’ Level subjects selected by the students, Quran classes will be compulsory for all ‘A’ Level students for equipping them with the Islamic knowledge for assuming the role of “Mominaat” as desired by the Quran and Sunnah.

Subjects Offered at Boys Branch:

Group A (Pure Sciences)

• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Mathematics
• Computer Sciences

Group B (Compulsory) (Islamic Education)

• Quran
• Hadith

*The students must take at least three subjects from either Group A. Group B is an essential part of our curriculum.


Ms. Talat Qadir
M.Sc (Physics) University of the Punjab
Certificate of Professional Studies, Bradford University

Mr. Iftikhar Hussain
Phd Scholar (Physics) University of the Punjab

Mr. Tauseef Baig
M.Sc (Chemistry) University of the Punjab
AP (Chemistry) College Board, New York

Ms. Sidra Shakil
Gold Medalist in M.Sc (Botany) University of the Punjab
Masters in Information Technology

Mr. Mohammad Ali
M.Sc (Genetics) Karachi University
Research Scholar University of the Punjab (1992-1995)
Research Asst. (1989-1991)

Mr. Ibrar Hussain
B.Sc (Mathematics A& B Course) University of the Punjab
Highly experienced teacher working in renowned institutions of Lahore, including LGS JT Boys & Girls, since 2005.

Mr. Syed Shakeel Asghar Bukhari
M.Sc (Statistics) University of the Punjab
Highly experienced A Level teacher teaching at renowned institutions of Lahore including Aitchison College.

Mr. Usman Zaka
M.Sc (Mathematics) University of the Punjab

Ms. Zubda Zia
M.Phil (Political Science) Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore.
MA (Economics) University of the Punjab.
Senior Lecturer at Kinnaird College for Women since 2005.

Mr. Navid Saqib
Computer Science
M.Sc (Computer Sciences) University of South Asia
Teaching Computer Science and AICT to O & A Level students for the last 21 years and has 7 distinctions to his credit.

Ms. Rubina Afraz
Islamic Studies
B.A. Lahore College for Women University
Al-huda Certificate for Quranic Education


SCIL is offering performance based scholarships to the ‘A’ Level students according to the following criterion:-

a) (a) Grades of only nine subjects of ‘O’ Level will be considered namely English, Mathematics, Urdu, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Additional Mathematics, Pakistan Studies and Islamiat.
b) 8As (with at least 03A*) : 100% tuition fee concession
d) 7As : 60% tuition fee concession
e) 6As : 50% tuition fee concession

Salient features:

• Quran Classes
• Hadith Classes
• Learning about the companions of Prophet SAW
• Highly dedicated staff
• Islamic Environment
• Personality Development
• Student Empowerment
• Extra-Curricular activities

Societies & Clubs:

There is an equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities that helps to instill the qualities of self-motivation and leadership in our young Muslim men and women. Students can choose to be a part of any of the clubs/societies mentioned below, according to their interest and aptitude.

• Tarbiyah Club
• Environmental & Science Club
• Debating Society
• Sports Club
• Dramatics Society
• Literary Society
• Community Service Society

Summer Internship Program:
Summer Internships are planned for the students to provide them with hands on learning experience in their area of interest.

Academic Counselling:
Students are guided to decide and select the best options in universities and career in accordance with her aptitude, choice as well as circumstances.

Admission Process:
1. Registration
2. Admission Form
3. Interview (Parents & Student)
4. Admission Offer letter
Fee Voucher issuance

SCIL A’Level Result 2017

Senior Girls Branch
Sr. No. Candidate Name Total A'S
1 Alina Irfan 6As 5A* 1A
2 Rubab Zahra Shahid 3As 1A* 2A 1B


Admission Office: 117A-E/1, Hali Road Gulberg III, Lahore

Girls Branch: 68A-E/1 Hali Road, Gulberg III, Lahore

Boys Branch: 20 Canal Park, Lahore

Phone No: 042-35752184, 042-35752185

Email: Girls Branch: scil.sgb@gmail.com

Boys Branch: scil_sbb@gmail.com

Facebook: SCIL - School for Contemporary & Islamic Learning

Website: www.scil.edu.pk