SCIL Elementary Branch

SCIL’s elementary branch is the place where strong foundations are laid for the bright and prosperous future of our young Mominas by creating an environment upholding Islamic values. Classes from Grade I to IV are offered at this level. Children’s minds are very tender at this stage and can be easily molded in any shape we like.

We, therefore, try to interact with every child individually and politely to create a lasting impression on their minds. This has been achieved by employing highly qualified and experienced teachers, following true Islamic values.

Campus Life

School Timings:

Halaqa Class (Tarbiya Session):

To familiarize our young Monimas about the importance of Hadith and Sunnah in our lives, a weekly Halaqa Class is conducted. It is a complete Tarbiya Program in which children are encouraged to apply Sunnah in their daily lives and discuss their problems.

Readers are leaders

Reading not only holds importance for both 1st and 2nd language acquisition but has numerous other intellectual development benefits as well creating a love for reading will reward young minds for their whole lives. The purpose of setting a reading class in addition to the regular library class at elementary level is to build internal love and pleasure for reading, be it from books, passages or articles. From magazines, sign boards or any other informative area on variety of topics. This will not only improve their reading skill enhance vocabulary and result in academic growth but open a world to them in a completely different way.

Zuhr Salah:

Our young Mominas start offering Zuhr prayer from Gr.II onwards. They are taught how to perform Wudu and offer prayers according to Sunnah.


No one can deny the fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Besides regular game periods, special indoor and out door sport activites are arranged. Some of these include:

Horse Riding (arranged in collaboration with Lahore Polo Club)
Swimming (at ARC)
Basket Ball
Hulla Hopes

Parent Teacher Conference

We at SCIL believe that parental role is pivotal in complete upbringing and development of every child, therefore we look forward to good partnership between school and parent. Regular parent meeting are organized in order to keep the parents informed about their children’s progress at SCIL.

Reading month:

To develop students liking for reading and developing their ability to read with expression and proper intonation. We at SCIL focus on a very intense reading month. In order to make it more interesting and enjoyable for children, reading projects related to art activities are conducted and displayed. A book exhibition is also organized during the month. The month culminates with a reading competition in English and Urdu.

Creative writing month :

Every child has inherent talent which needs to be nurtured by providing them opportunities to enhance their crictical thinking. Creative writing month is held every year to improve mature writing skills. Students are motivated to write extensively to express themselves and their best pieces of writing are displayed and are included in school magazine.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Field Trips (Historical and Educational/Informative Places): It is a universally recognized fact that human learning and development takes place where there is awareness of one’s environment. In order to provide the same, field trips are arranged every year for each class.

Festivities at SCIL: To inculcate basic knowledge of important Islamic events and festivals , the following activities are conducted regularly:

Haj Activities: In order to impress upon children the importance and magnificence of this fifth pillar of Islam, some elaborate activities are organized during the first ashra of Dhil – Hajj With the advent of Zil Hajj, young Mominas indulge in various activities to learn about the true spirit of Haj.

Seerah Month:

We are a truly blessed community as Allah has sent RasullAllah (S.A.W) as the “The Best of Role Models”. In order to celebrate sunnahs of the Prophet (S.A.W), we organize the seerah month. The purpose of the whole activity is to inculate a spirit of love for the Prophet (S.A.W) and to know about his life.
Activities during seeerah month are :
• Story time (stories from Prophet’s (S.A.W) life.
• Memorizing hadith
• Seerah display
• Seerah party
• Seerah quiz

Sunnah Party: It’s a day full of Sunnahs, when our Mominas show their love for our beloved Prophet SAW by organizing skits on practicing Sunnahs and presenting Nasheeds SCIL always takes pride in arranging events in which our Mominas learn some thing beneficial and as a result brings positive change in their lives.

Star Speller Contests:

In this fast pace age of internet, the most neglected aspect of the English language is spelling. We strongly believe that spelling, as any other language skill has to given through attention. Therefore star speller contest is arranged. Students participate enthusiastically and the high achievers are awarded with certificate.

Young Artist At Work

Allah SWT has granted each child with variety diversified abilities. To enhance the creativity of our young momina Art and Craft exhibitions is conducted annually. Students proudly present their creative work in a very impressive manner

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