Professional Development of Teaching Staff at SCIL

Teaching is a vocation, a full-time commitment, an undertaking of far-reaching consequences. SCIL commend the courage of those who take up this mission-the results of which may, or not be seen as overtly as in some other fields. However, it is a proven fact that a school is only as good as its teachers – who are its most valuable resource.

The teaching staff in SCIL is offered opportunities for professional and personal growth on an on-going basis. The school is constantly in contact with educationists across the country to assist in training our teachers to enhance their classroom practice. Our teachers are enrolled with SPELT, Lahore and more recently are involved in extensive training promgrammes with PORTAL – for language development and effective teaching methodologies.

There are also in-service religious and moral training sessions which all SCIL staff is required to attend. Quran and Hadith classes are offered to teachers and mothers alike, and their enrollment is increasing with each new session, Alhamdulillah.